Sunday Funday

Wandering south from the tree skeletons at Boneyard beach.

Sunday Funday stands as a cherished and essential tradition at TnF Farms. Providing a vital respite from the demanding and occasionally physically taxing work involved in cultivating the land and tending to our livestock. This weekly celebration becomes a golden opportunity to temporarily step away from the rigors of farm labor. Offering a chance to unwind, rejuvenate, and take in enjoyable activities both on and off the farm.

Sunday Funday always starts with a leisurely breakfast straight from our farm. American Guinea Hog bacon or breakfast sausage with free-range, non-GMO, farm-fresh eggs. As the sun rises, the range of activities varies, from exploring nearby state parks. Also picnicking by serene riverbanks to embarking on invigorating hikes or mountain bike rides through the scenic trails that surround our farmstead.

Sunday Funday isn’t confined to the farm alone. It also includes gatherings with friends, family, and neighbors. Barbecues, bonfires, and friendly board games create an atmosphere of laughter and camaraderie, fostering a sense of community that enriches the farm experience.

Beyond the joy and relaxation it brings, Sunday Funday is a symbolic day that underscores the importance of savoring the simple pleasures embedded within the rhythms of rural life. It stands as a testament to the resilience and resourcefulness of those who diligently work the land, taking a well-deserved break to embrace the collective joy found in community, the beauty of nature, and the shared experience of farm life. It serves as a reminder that, amid the toil, there is also time for connection, reflection, and appreciation for the intrinsic rewards of a life rooted in the land.

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Boneyard Beach Big Talbot Island

Boneyard Beach is a picturesque and unique natural attraction located approximately 30 miles from Jacksonville, Florida. It’s not a single, specific beach, but rather a term used to describe certain sections of shoreline in the area that have bleached skeletons of oak trees that lining the beach, giving it the appearance of a boneyard. Boneyard Beach is infamous for its hauntingly beautiful landscape, characterized by this presence of weathered, sun-bleached tree skeletons, driftwood, and other debris that has washed ashore.

Retro hit: Intelligent Qube

I’m so old, I started out on a ColecoVision which had an expansion that played Atari 2600 games. I later moved up to the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System featuring Rob the Robot and the Zapper gun. Much to my frustration, the Zapper never shot that dang dog that laughed at me in Duck Hunt. I had a Sega Genesis in college and later the original PlayStation. All my gaming consoles have been sold, traded, or broken except for my PlayStation.

I found a website that features online games of the classics. It’s been a while, but I can barely make it to stage 2 playing through my browser with a keyboard and mouse. If I break out IQ on my PlayStation, you’re toast!

The Story of Mr. Peacock

A peacock has showed up near TnF Farms. He’s never far. We’ve seen on social media people are taking pictures and posting if somebody lost a peacock. Appearently he has been named Mr. Peacock and he’s from Georgia. We decided to have a little fun and make up his backstory.

Farm Animals Make Life Better

I am a frequent visitor to TnF Farms, usually about once a month for a few days. I have been visiting the last few years since Tim and Faith moved to Tallahassee to start their farm. I am no stranger to farm life, as I have had horses growing up, and I much prefer it over city living. During my visits, I help Faith with farm chores, lend a helping hand on projects, become a goat midwife, and get my much-needed farm fix. I have always had a deep connection with animals in general, but there’s just something inherently special about farm animals.

Lichgate on High Road

Lichgate on High Road is a popular location for events, weddings, and nature enthusiasts who appreciate the picturesque setting and the history of the property. It has also been recognized as a historic site due to its cultural and natural significance. The property is typically open to the public, and visitors can enjoy its serene and enchanting atmosphere.

Mother Nature’s Mood Swings

Well, well, well, dear readers, it seems Mother Nature has again decided to turn our lives into a weather rollercoaster. Buckle up, because this cold snap and incessant rain have become the latest additions to her repertoire of mood swings. Who knew Mother Nature had a sense of humor? Or is this just her way of telling us to invest in a lifetime supply of waterproof everything here in Florida?

St George Island

We have the philosophy of work hard, play hard. Since it was a nicer day, we decided to take our Christmas spirit to St. George Island. This small island is an easy drive from our homestead, located just off of the forgotten coast.  Many visitors come to St. George Island simply to unwind and enjoy a peaceful, laid-back atmosphere.

Fort Clinch State Park

Fort Clinch State Park is a Florida state park located on Amelia Island, in the northeastern part of the state. The park is known for its well-preserved 19th-century fort, Fort Clinch, and its beautiful natural surroundings. It’s a journey from TnF Farms but with great investment, comes great reward.

I Need A Break From The Farm Life!

I used to be an avid runner. Before moving to Havana, Florida, I was running about 10 miles a week in the Jacksonville suburbs. Now that we’re settled in on a farm in the backwoods, running isn’t quite as easy especially when the neighbors’ dogs don’t like me trotting by. Yeah, I’m staying busy at the TnF Farm but its not the same kind of cardio.