Rhode Island Reds

new Rhode island reds in quarantine


An American icon

The Rhode Island Red is a quintessentially American breed of domestic chicken. It has a rich history dating back to the late nineteenth century. This breed holds a special place in the world of poultry. It also in the hearts of those from Rhode Island, where it is designated as the state bird.

The development of the chicken is a testament to American ingenuity and the desire to create a superior breed for egg and meat production. The breed’s origins can be traced to both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, where breeders engaged in a purposeful breeding program. They aimed to combine the best traits of birds of Oriental origin, such as the Malay, with the brown Leghorn birds imported from Italy.

Dual purpose

The result of these deliberate cross-breeding efforts was the Rhode Island Red. A robust and adaptable chicken breed known for its remarkable egg-laying capabilities and excellent meat quality. Rhode Island Reds quickly gained popularity across the United States and became a staple. Both in small backyard flocks and commercial poultry operations.

One of the key attributes of the chicken is its distinctive deep red plumage. This is characteristic of both males and females. Their strong and sturdy build was combined with their friendly and docile temperament. Making them a popular choice among poultry enthusiasts and homesteaders.

Throughout its history, the Rhode Island Red has been celebrated not only for its practical utility but also for its symbolic value. Being designated as the state bird of Rhode Island is a testament to its significance in the region’s culture and agricultural heritage.

The Rhode Island Red is a beloved and iconic American chicken breed that has made a lasting impact on the poultry industry and the world of backyard farming. Its development represents a fascinating chapter in the history of poultry breeding. This showcases the dedication and vision of American poultry enthusiasts in creating a breed that continues to thrive and contribute to agriculture today.

Details about the Rhode Island Red

  • Primary use: Egg, Meat
  • Egg production (annual): 260
  • Egg size: Extra Large
  • Temperament: Hardy
  • Egg color: Brown
  • Adult weight (lbs.): ≥ 8.5

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