buff momma with chick in nest


A heritage breed

Buff chickens, often referred to as Buff Orpington chickens, are a beloved and iconic breed known for their striking golden plumage, friendly disposition, and versatility. These chickens are a favorite among both backyard poultry keepers and small-scale farmers for several compelling reasons.

They are also renowned for their beautiful, alluring golden or buff-colored feathers. Their plumage is a warm, creamy shade of yellow or buff, which gives them a regal and elegant appearance. This distinctive coloration sets them apart from many other chicken breeds.

Buffs are known for their calm and friendly temperament. They are often described as gentle giants due to their large size and placid nature. These chickens tend to be docile, making them suitable for families, including those with children. They usually tolerate human interaction well and are known to be friendly and approachable.

Dual Purpose

Also considered a dual-purpose breed, meaning they are valued both for their egg-laying capabilities and meat quality. They are excellent layers of brown eggs, producing a consistent supply of large, brown-shelled eggs. Additionally, their meat is flavorful and well-suited for the table.

Buffs are known for their cold-hardiness. Their thick, fluffy feathers provide insulation, helping them withstand colder temperatures and even snowfall. Their small pea comb reduces the risk of frostbite, making them suitable for various climates.

Buff hens are often admired for their broodiness, as they tend to make excellent mothers. They are known to be diligent and protective when it comes to hatching and raising chicks, which can be advantageous for those interested in breeding.

Buff Orpingtons are considered a heritage breed, which means they have a long history and genetic purity. This makes them an essential part of preserving poultry diversity and heritage.

Details about Buffs

  • Primary use: Egg, Meat
  • Egg Production (annual): 260
  • Egg size: Large
  • Temperment: Hardy
  • Egg color: Cream
  • Adult weight (lbs): 9

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