Silkies and Frizzles

couple day old silkie chick
Silkies and frizzles - silkie rooster crowing
shy frizzle hen


A delightful addition to any flock

Silkies and Frizzles, often referred to as the “Teddy Bear” of the poultry world, is a unique and captivating breed of chicken known for its distinctive and atypical features. While they may not be your typical barnyard bird, Silkies are cherished for their charming and unusual qualities.

One of the most striking characteristics of Silkies is their fluffy plumage, which is unlike that of most other chicken breeds. Their feathers lack the barbicels that hold typical feathers together, giving them a soft, silky appearance that feels incredibly fine and delicate to the touch. This fluffy plumage extends down their legs and even covers their feet, giving them an endearing, “furry” look.

Silkies are also known for their remarkable physical traits, which set them apart from other chickens. They possess black skin and bones, a feature that is relatively rare in poultry. Their blue earlobes add to their uniqueness and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, Silkies have an extra toe on each foot, boasting a total of five toes instead of the usual four found in most chicken breeds.

Genuinely sweet birds

Beyond their distinctive appearance, Silkies are celebrated for their gentle and friendly nature. They are known for their docility, making them a favorite choice among backyard poultry enthusiasts and families. Silkies are often considered ideal pets for children due to their calm disposition and propensity to be affectionate and sociable.

In addition to their charm, Silkies are also known for their broodiness. They make excellent mothers and are often chosen for hatching and raising other chicken breeds’ chicks.

Their gentle temperament and nurturing instincts make them a delightful addition to any flock and a beloved choice for both novice and experienced poultry keepers.

Details about Silkies and Frizzles

  • Primary use: Exhibition
  • Egg production (annual): 160
  • Egg size: Tiny
  • Temperament: Active to Gentle
  • Egg color: Cream
  • Adult weight (lbs.): ≥ 4

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