Lavender Ameraucana

Lavender rooster


A visually striking bird

Lavender Ameraucana chickens are a fascinating and visually striking breed known for their unique lavender or pale gray-blue plumage and distinctive blue eggs. These chickens have gained popularity among poultry enthusiasts and backyard farmers not only for their beautiful appearance but also for their excellent egg-laying capabilities and amiable temperament.

Lavender Ameraucanas are easily recognizable by their lavender or pale blue-gray feathers. This coloration is caused by a specific gene mutation called “lavender” that affects the typical black pigment in the feathers. Their striking appearance sets them apart from many other chicken breeds.

Easter eggers

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of Lavender Ameraucanas is their blue eggs. These eggs are a sought-after delicacy and a popular choice among egg enthusiasts. The blue egg color is due to the presence of a particular gene that modifies the eggshell color, resulting in eggs that range from pale blue to turquoise.

Lavender Ameraucanas are of medium size, making them versatile for both egg production and meat. While they may not be as large as some meat-specific breeds, they provide a decent amount of meat, making them a dual-purpose breed suitable for small-scale farming.

These chickens are known for their friendly and docile temperament. They are typically calm and easy to handle, making them an excellent choice for families and those new to poultry keeping. They often tolerate human interaction well and may even enjoy being handled.

Lavender Ameraucanas are known for their cold-hardiness. Their small pea comb helps reduce the risk of frostbite, making them well-suited for colder climates where some other chicken breeds might struggle.

The lavender gene responsible for their distinctive plumage is a relatively rare gene mutation. Breeding Lavender Ameraucanas requires careful selection and management to maintain the lavender color and other breed characteristics.

Details about Lavender Ameraucanas

  • Primary use:
  • Egg Production (annual): 240
  • Egg size: Large
  • Temperment: Calm
  • Egg color: Blue
  • Adult weight (lbs): 5.5

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