Barred Rocks

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barred rock hen


A testament to American tradition

The Barred Rock, also know as the Plymouth Rock, an iconic American breed of domestic chicken. This bird holds a prominent place in the country’s poultry history. This breed, characterized by its versatility and practicality, emerged in Massachusetts during the nineteenth century and played a significant role in American agriculture for decades.

First introduced in Massachusetts, the Plymouth Rock quickly gained popularity across the United States. They gained popularity in the early twentieth century when it became the most widely kept chicken breed in the country. Its widespread adoption can be attributed to its dual-purpose nature, making it highly valuable for both meat and egg production.

Dual Purpose

Meat Production: Plymouth Rocks are known for their meat quality. They have plump, well-fleshed bodies, making them ideal for meat production. Their meat is flavorful and succulent, making them a preferred choice among farmers and consumers alike.

Egg Production: In addition to meat, Plymouth Rocks are excellent layers of brown eggs. These eggs are not only nutritious but also sought after for their rich flavor and dark, sturdy shells. The breed’s ability to consistently produce a substantial number of eggs makes it a valuable asset for those looking to raise chickens for both sustenance and profit.

Beyond their practical attributes, Plymouth Rocks are known for their friendly and docile temperament. Plymouth Rocks are suitable for backyard flocks and small-scale farming operations. Their calm nature and adaptability have endeared them to poultry enthusiasts and homesteaders.

The Plymouth Rock stands as a testament to the American tradition. A breed of chicken that serves dual purposes in meat and egg production. Its historical significance, combined with its practicality and amiable disposition, continues to make it a beloved and valuable breed in the world of poultry farming.

Details about the Barred Rock

  • Primary use: Egg, Meat
  • Egg production (annual): 210
  • Egg size: Large
  • Temperament: Active/Flighty
  • Egg color: Brown
  • Adult weight (lbs.): ≥ 8

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