At TnF Farms, We Proudly Identify as Foodies

fresh vegetablesWe have a deep appreciation for culinary delights that go beyond the basics of bacon and ice cream. Our approach to food is a reflection of what we love and what we raise. There is an occasional cheat day with lots of carbs but we prioritize consuming meals that are both delicious and nourishing.

Our culinary journey at TnF Farms is about savoring the goodness of real, pure, and healthy food. We believe in the importance of understanding where our food comes from. Our farm-to-table philosophy guides our choices. Whether it’s fresh milk from our goats, vegetables fresh from our garden, eggs from our hens, or meat from our own pigs, we take pride in knowing the source of our ingredients.

Producing your own food makes meal prep easy

One of the joys of being foodies at TnF Farms is the ability to create easy, tasty meals right from our own produce. From vibrant salads bursting with homegrown vegetables to hearty soups made with our own chicken stock. Our meals are a testament to the bountiful rewards of sustainable farming. The flavors and freshness of our ingredients elevate our dishes to a whole new level, making every meal a memorable experience.

Our commitment to healthy eating extends beyond the farm as well. We prioritize whole foods, minimizing processed ingredients, and opting for nutrient-dense choices. At TnF Farms, we explore various cuisines and cooking techniques to keep our meals exciting. We try to keep our meals diverse with a our goal of using the best possible ingredients.

As foodies at TnF Farms, we find joy in sharing our culinary adventures with others. We believe that good food brings people together! We invite you to join us in celebrating the art of cooking and eating well. From farm-fresh feasts to simple, wholesome meals, we’re excited to share our love for food. That not only satisfies the taste buds, but also promotes good health and supports sustainable farming practices.

SPAM Musubi Authentic Hawaiian

Our friend, fellow foodie, culinary scholar, and traveling chef, Kaitlyn is back to TnF Farms to cook authentic Hawaiian for us again! She told us tonight, we are in for a treat she enjoyed as a kid growing up in Hawai’i. SPAM musubi is a popular Hawaiian staple that combines elements of Japanese and American cuisine. It’s a tasty and portable dish that features SPAM, as a key ingredient. The dish checks all the boxes. It’s sweet, salty and filling. SPAM musubi is often enjoyed as a snack or light meal, and it has become a symbol of Hawaiian cuisine.

Tomahawk Steak from Porterhouse

Faith had other evening plans. It’s been a long week and the year is about to wrap up. I think I deserve a little something special for dinner. Porterhouse Meat Market had some great choices in their fresh cuts. My job has taken me all over the country and the world. I’ve eaten some amazing steaks, but I’ve never had a Tomahawk steak in my entire life. Tonight is going to be the night I prepare one and eat it.

Super easy beer bread

Long ago, I was at a gathering hosted by a great friend of mine named Rob and his wife, Laura. She had this amazing almost cake-like bread served with a garlicy-herb dip. I was hooked after the first chomp. This bread was moist, rich, and had a wonderful “chew”. Laura revealed that I loved “beer bread”. Beer bread was a new concept for me. If you don’t consider yourself much of a baker, beer bread can make you look like a refined, baking champion. Check out our post on making a very easy bread that is amazing!

Loco Moco: Authentic Hawaiian

Our friend and fellow foodie Kaitlyn came to visit TnF Farms and wanted to cook Hawaiian for us tonight. We really love her visits because Kaitlyn always makes us amazing comfort foods. Tonight she wanted to make us a favorite comfort food called Loco Moco. It is a staple in Hawaiian cuisine and there are a lot of variations. The dish is enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

TnF Farms Breakfast Pizza

If you have spent any time in the upper Midwest, you know about a gas station chain called Casey’s. Casey’s pizza is surprisingly some of the best breakfast pizza I’ve ever had. The crust and sauce go together perfectly and they don’t skimp on toppings. Plus they offer grab and go slices if you’re going through at a meal time. Someone asked me recently what I missed about South Dakota. Definitely not the snow and cold, but Casey’s breakfast pizza for sure! Casey’s breakfast pizza is pretty easy to replicate. The other day we decided to create our version of breakfast pizza to quell my cravings for a slice of Casey’s. It was pretty good. We made some tweaks this go-around with a friend of ours over.

A well-deserved ribeye

Today was a good day. We sold some livestock and we’ve been doing some improvements to our property and construction for some of the new livestock we are getting. All this work makes for long days and fast moving weekends that are over too quickly. Today was no exception. We wrapped up a project by the outside lights of our garage and came in for the evening meal. I was pretty excited for a steak dinner. Faith was done and decided to just turn in early. So tonight I’m going to do a modified version of a great meal for 2 for less than $30. Instead, it’s a well-deserved ribeye dinner for one for less than $15.

TnF Farms Backwoods Flapjacks

Today we will be working all day on the far part of our property. We’re going to load up our side by side with Dobby the farm dog, fencing materials and some water. We plan to make the most of our day and “call it” around supper time. So we are going for a breakfast that is very filling and nutritionally dense. Sounds like TnF Farms Backwoods Flapjacks are a perfect fit.

A Tasty, Easy Breakfast

Tim usually cooks breakfast. Before we called it an evening last night, I mentioned tomorrow morning, I’m making a favorite breakfast of mine. Today I’ll be making a country fried breakfast with most of the foods sourced from TnF Farms. I’m starting by frying up a package of our American Guinea hog bacon in an iron skillet. Now I have Tim hovering in the kitchen eating the bacon as fast as it comes out of my skillet.

TnF Farms Jambalaya

I have had jambalaya a number of times since moving to the south. I think it’s pretty good. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making some of my own. Porterhouse Meat Market has been featuring alligator crab boil bratwurst. In my experiments to really get this jambalaya dish to pop, I’ve had to visit Porterhouse a few times as my previous attempts have not measured up. Fawzi, the owner of Porterhouse has been kind enough to set a few packages of the alligator crab boil bratwurst aside for me as it seems to sell out fast.

Awkward Omelets

When it’s omelet day, I usually make a 6 egg, deluxe omelet with all sorts of goodies rolled in. When Faith and I got together, she would see my omelet, grab a fork and start working on the other side. We coined the phrase Awkward Omelets because the plate kept getting pulled away. She’s is furious with me that I’m not promoting the TnF Farms bacon. But if I don’t promote it, more American Guinea Hog bacon for me!