At TnF Farms, We Proudly Identify as Foodies

fresh vegetablesWe have a deep appreciation for culinary delights that go beyond the basics of bacon and ice cream. Our approach to food is a reflection of what we love and what we raise. There is an occasional cheat day with lots of carbs but we prioritize consuming meals that are both delicious and nourishing.

Our culinary journey at TnF Farms is about savoring the goodness of real, pure, and healthy food. We believe in the importance of understanding where our food comes from. Our farm-to-table philosophy guides our choices. Whether it’s fresh milk from our goats, vegetables fresh from our garden, eggs from our hens, or meat from our own pigs, we take pride in knowing the source of our ingredients.

Producing your own food makes meal prep easy

One of the joys of being foodies at TnF Farms is the ability to create easy, tasty meals right from our own produce. From vibrant salads bursting with homegrown vegetables to hearty soups made with our own chicken stock. Our meals are a testament to the bountiful rewards of sustainable farming. The flavors and freshness of our ingredients elevate our dishes to a whole new level, making every meal a memorable experience.

Our commitment to healthy eating extends beyond the farm as well. We prioritize whole foods, minimizing processed ingredients, and opting for nutrient-dense choices. At TnF Farms, we explore various cuisines and cooking techniques to keep our meals exciting. We try to keep our meals diverse with a our goal of using the best possible ingredients.

As foodies at TnF Farms, we find joy in sharing our culinary adventures with others. We believe that good food brings people together! We invite you to join us in celebrating the art of cooking and eating well. From farm-fresh feasts to simple, wholesome meals, we’re excited to share our love for food. That not only satisfies the taste buds, but also promotes good health and supports sustainable farming practices.

Challah French toast

Challah loaves are a way we treat ourselves at TnF Farms. And we often make French toast with it. French toast is a favorite here. Until being introduced to Doering’s Doughs Challah bread, we used Pepperidge Farm or Thomas sweet breads. I was hooked at first taste – we just don’t buy the store bought stuff anymore.

The weekend is coming and you need to grill!

Like every week, we were almost out of bacon. I stopped into Porterhouse Meat Market on the edge of Havana, Florida to refresh our bacon stash and to check out what was in the fresh cuts. There were a couple of filet mignons that were just begging to be rolled up in bacon and a big ol’ ribeye wanted to come home with me.

Marinated Chuck Steaks

The candy store days have long gone but now as a 40 something, I have a better vice. Butcher shops. I am frequenting a local butcher shop called Porterhouse meat market in-between Havana and Tallahassee on the Florida Georgia highway. It has a bit of the mini mart nuance and the best part, fresh cut meats. Faith Johnson and I enjoy being foodies and now we try to make stuff better than a restaurant. This recent round at Porterhouse, I restocked on bacon and picked up some chuck steaks.

TnF Cinnamon French Toast

It’s a carb cheat day at the TnF Farm this fine Saturday morning! Hope you’re having an excellent morning too.