The Menagerie of Animals at TnF Farms

pig pasture at sunrise

TnF Farms is nestled in the woods on the outskirts of Havana, Florida. Our passion for homesteading and raising farm animals is at the heart of everything we do. Our journey into the world of livestock has been a labor of love, and we invite you to join us in experiencing the joys and challenges of life on our homestead.

One of the primary aspects of our farm is the diverse range of farm animals we raise and care for. These animals play a vital role in our homesteading lifestyle, providing us with not only sustenance but also a deep connection to the land and the natural world around us.

The kinds of livestock we raise

American Guinea Hogs are a central focus on our farm. These animated smaller “Florida cracker pigs” supply us with high-quality pork, and their presence brings a sense of humor to our landscape. We take great pride in the humane and sustainable practices we employ in raising our pigs, ensuring they lead healthy and content lives.

Poultry also has a special place on our homestead. Our flock of chickens provides us with fresh eggs daily, and their amusing antics never fail to make us laugh. Rhode Island Reds, Silkies and Buffs have a permanent home on our farm, each with its unique contribution to our agricultural endeavors.

In addition to the more traditional farm animals, we have a fascination with Nigerian Dwarf goats. These loving creatures are not only adorable but also hardworking. They help us manage our land by clearing brush and keeping the undergrowth in check. Their milk is also a valuable resource for making cheese, yogurt and ice cream.

Just like nature designed at TnF Farms

At TnF Farms, we believe in sustainability and responsible stewardship of the land. We strive to provide our animals with the best possible care, access to open spaces, and natural foraging opportunities. Our commitment to ethical farming practices ensures that our livestock is not just well-fed but also content and healthy.

Our journey into homesteading is a continuous learning experience, and we are excited to share it with you. Join us as we explore the joys and challenges of raising farm animals in the Florida panhandle. Follow our adventures, gain insights into sustainable farming, and witness the beauty of rural life right here at TnF Farms. Together, we can celebrate the bountiful rewards of a life close to nature and the fulfillment that comes from nurturing and caring for our farm animals.

Piglets born at TnF Farms

To our surprise, early this morning, she released her hostages. “Minnie” is a very stout female named for very short legs and when she’s not being instinctually protective of her babies, she is a sweetheart. Her past piglets have been very healthy and grow into muscular linebackers that integrate well into our herd. If you are interested in getting registered or unregistered piglets to start your own pig farm or to grow out, piglets should be ready for purchase as soon as mid-January of 2024. Please contact us to start the conversation of how you want your pig(s).

The Cluck-Worthy Truth

It occurred to me when we were restocking our chicken feed that nobody has ever asked us for “proof” that we are feeding our chickens non-GMO feed. There is no regulating body that comes out and periodically checks and we’ve never had to send our eggs off for analysis. Non-GMO feed costs more. Non-GMO eggs can call for a mark-up over regular eggs.

What’s in the Pork You Eat?

At TnF Farms, we believe what you feed your livestock has everything to do with what you get in return. We can taste the difference in our pork especially over commercially raised pork. Quality in means great animal health. Our pasture and forest raised pigs finished out are healthy weight with muscle tone and seem to have an overall energetic or spry take on life. Not just big, fat and lethargic.

You need one of everything

Then the farm bug bit my wife and really sunk its teeth in. One of our neighbors really inspired her to farm way more than I ever imagined. All that existing farm stuff now needed to be repaired and modified to work with the new plan. Then we were off and going. Almost daily trips to Tractor Supply, Home Depot and Lowes, not to mention all the things being bought on Amazon. My dad and his brothers grew up on a farm. When one of my uncles came to visit and see our progress, he chuckled and said “You’re new farmers. You’re going to need one of everything.”

The Significance of NPIP Certification

In poultry farming, there’s no question that the health and welfare of your flock are top priorities. Enter the significance of NPIP certification, a cornerstone of responsible poultry farming. NPIP, or the National Poultry Improvement Plan. This  is a program initiated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The primary aim of monitoring and enhancing the overall health of poultry in the United States. Whether you’re an enthusiastic poultry hobbyist or a seasoned homesteader or farmer. This is essential to understand why obtaining NPIP certification for your chickens is a game-changer for both you and your flock.

A Tasty, Easy Breakfast

Tim usually cooks breakfast. Before we called it an evening last night, I mentioned tomorrow morning, I’m making a favorite breakfast of mine. Today I’ll be making a country fried breakfast with most of the foods sourced from TnF Farms. I’m starting by frying up a package of our American Guinea hog bacon in an iron skillet. Now I have Tim hovering in the kitchen eating the bacon as fast as it comes out of my skillet.

Understanding Chicken Molting

It’s an old wives’ tale, but a heavy molt means a bad winter is coming. As autumn sets in and leaves begin to fall, your chickens are also undergoing a seasonal change of their own: molting. Molting is a natural process in a chicken’s life cycle when they shed and regrow their feathers. Fall molting is particularly common among chickens, and understanding this phenomenon can help you provide the best care for your flock during this transitional period. In my post, I’ll discuss the reasons behind fall molting, the stages of molting, and how you can support your chickens during this time.

Non-GMO Free-Range Eggs

TnF Farms is located just outside the idyllic town of Havana, Florida. Local residents and visitors are embracing a healthier and more sustainable way of life by seeking out non-GMO, free-range farm-fresh eggs. In this post, we’ll explore the quest for these premium eggs, highlighting the benefits of non-GMO and free-range practices, and where you can find these exceptional gems in Havana.

American Guinea For Quality Meat

If you’re looking to embark on a rewarding journey into small-scale, sustainable livestock farming, consider raising American Guinea Hogs. These unique heritage pigs offer not only a taste of history but also a delectable source of meat. In this post, we’ll discuss some of our experiences so far with American Guinea Hogs, their characteristics, benefits, and how to raise them for flavorful pork.

Dobby joins TnF Farms

One look at the giant ears, our new dog “Dobby” got his name from the elf character from the Harry Potter movies. The name Dobby really fits metaphorically. He’s still coming out of his shell and starting to trust that we are his forever humans. Dobby’s good nature and affectionateness radiate out as a dog that loves everybody that stops in at TnF Farms. He got his collar (clothes) from us the very next day after his adoption.