American Guinea Hogs at TnF Farms

3 little pigs sleeping the afternoon away

So Faith was hypnotizing pigs…

We were a little reluctant af first but TnF Farms finally ventured into the world of pig farming. TnF Farms started with 2 unregistered American Guinea hogs and a Kune Kune. We now raise both registered and unregistered American Guinea Hogs with a focus on meat production and livestock sales. Our journey with these remarkable animals has been a blend of knowledge gained through research and the valuable lessons we’ve learned through hands-on experience.

American Guinea Hogs are a heritage breed known for their smaller size, gentle temperament, and excellent meat quality. They are well-suited to small-scale farming, making them a perfect fit for our homestead. Fortunately we had a mentor helping us get started with pigs. From the outset, we were aware of their dietary requirements and the need for clean, spacious pasture to ensure their well-being.

Our commitment to their health and welfare is evident in our strict adherence to proper feeding practices, routine health check-ups, and a clean living environment. This dedication has not only ensured the well-being of our pigs but has also contributed to the high-quality meat they provide.

Very flavorful pork

Raising American Guinea Hogs for meat production has been an important step in our pursuit of sustainability. These hogs offer a relatively low-impact way to produce meat. They thrive on a diet that includes forage and kitchen scraps. This aligns perfectly with our ethos of responsible farming, minimizing waste and reliance on commercial feed.

In addition to meat production, we’ve found that American Guinea Hogs are a valuable addition to our livestock sales. Their compact size and docile nature make them an excellent choice for those looking to start their own pig farming journey. We have been delighted to provide others with these wonderful animals. We’ve enjoyed sharing our knowledge and experiences with fellow homesteaders and farmers.

As we continue to raise American Guinea Hogs at TnF Farms, we are committed to learning and improving our practices continually. Each pig teaches us something new, reinforcing the importance of adaptability and respect for the animals we raise. We look forward to sharing more about our experiences with you. The lessons we learn, and the delicious, sustainable meat we produce through our American Guinea Hogs at TnF Farms. Join us on this rewarding journey of responsible pig farming and the joys of rural living.

A Heritage Breed Worth Preserving

Nestled in the rich tapestry of American agriculture lies a remarkable treasure – the American Guinea Hog. This diminutive yet hardy breed represents a living link to the country’s agrarian past, serving as a testament to the importance of heritage conservation in modern farming.

Registered Livestock Pros and Cons

When it comes to raising livestock, whether for meat, milk, or other products, farmers often face a choice between registered and non-registered animals. Registered livestock, which are typically associated with purebred or pedigree breeds, come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of raising registered livestock to help farmers make informed decisions about their animal husbandry practices. TnF Farms has both registered and unregistered livestock. The animal’s purpose is dependent on whether or not it is registered. TnF Farms is also a member of the American Guinea Hog Association.