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Firewood as a low cost heat source

Last year we tried using our farmhouse fireplace to heat our entire home with our thermostat set in the 50s. With the exception of really cold nights, we made it without the use of our home’s electric heat. With our fireplace getting started in the morning and burning into the night, we consumed a lot of firewood. I really wasn’t prepared for how much we would use. This year, I’m way more prepared!

Non-GMO Free-Range Eggs

TnF Farms is located just outside the idyllic town of Havana, Florida. Local residents and visitors are embracing a healthier and more sustainable way of life by seeking out non-GMO, free-range farm-fresh eggs. In this post, we’ll explore the quest for these premium eggs, highlighting the benefits of non-GMO and free-range practices, and where you can find these exceptional gems in Havana.

Florida gets cold too

When Faith and I decided to relocate to Jacksonville, Florida, we donated most of our winter gear instead of packing it. We both figured most days we’d be in shorts and soaking up the sun at the beach. The first year we were in Florida, it was a pretty mild winter and there were a few jeans and light jacket days. Then we acclimated and understood our second Florida winter, why we saw people in quilted coats. But we still spent Thanksgiving at Key West and Christmas on the beach.

TnF Farms Jambalaya

I have had jambalaya a number of times since moving to the south. I think it’s pretty good. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making some of my own. Porterhouse Meat Market has been featuring alligator crab boil bratwurst. In my experiments to really get this jambalaya dish to pop, I’ve had to visit Porterhouse a few times as my previous attempts have not measured up. Fawzi, the owner of Porterhouse has been kind enough to set a few packages of the alligator crab boil bratwurst aside for me as it seems to sell out fast.

Awkward Omelets

When it’s omelet day, I usually make a 6 egg, deluxe omelet with all sorts of goodies rolled in. When Faith and I got together, she would see my omelet, grab a fork and start working on the other side. We coined the phrase Awkward Omelets because the plate kept getting pulled away. She’s is furious with me that I’m not promoting the TnF Farms bacon. But if I don’t promote it, more American Guinea Hog bacon for me!

Dobby joins TnF Farms

One look at the giant ears, our new dog “Dobby” got his name from the elf character from the Harry Potter movies. The name Dobby really fits metaphorically. He’s still coming out of his shell and starting to trust that we are his forever humans. Dobby’s good nature and affectionateness radiate out as a dog that loves everybody that stops in at TnF Farms. He got his collar (clothes) from us the very next day after his adoption.

Greg Judy Regenerative Ranching

From struggling as a rancher in Missouri to owning 4 farms and leasing 12 more, All while operating completely out of debt, Greg Judy shares is secrets to his success to everybody through education in person and online through his website and YouTube channel.

Challah French toast

Challah loaves are a way we treat ourselves at TnF Farms. And we often make French toast with it. French toast is a favorite here. Until being introduced to Doering’s Doughs Challah bread, we used Pepperidge Farm or Thomas sweet breads. I was hooked at first taste – we just don’t buy the store bought stuff anymore.

Affordable Outdoor Farm Surveillance

Outdoor farm surveillance no longer needs to be a significant financial burden. Affordable camera systems from Blink, Wyze, and Arlo offer no cost or monthly subscriptions for around $20/month. Paid subscriptions offer a range of features to suit your farm’s specific needs. Whether you prioritize cost-effectiveness, high-resolution video, or advanced features, there is a camera solution tailored to you.

Farmers Markets in the Modern Age

Farmers markets, those vibrant hubs of local commerce and community, have been a staple of towns and cities for centuries. Traditionally, they’ve been places where farmers and artisans come together to sell fresh produce, handmade goods, and create a sense of connection. In today’s fast-paced, digital world, these markets are evolving to meet the demands of a modern society. This article explores how farmers markets are adapting and thriving in the digital age through the integration of technology.