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Chicken details

Our approach to poultry, especially raising chickens is driven by our unwavering commitment to their welfare, sustainability, and the creation of a natural and enriching environment where they can thrive. We prioritize creating a healthy, happy, and harmonious space for our feathered friends.

Our flocks are NPIP certified and AI clean

TnF Farms raises chickens that are NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan) certified and AI (Avian Influenza) clean. NPIP certification ensures that our flock is free from significant poultry diseases. This is part of our voluntary commitment to maintaining a healthy and disease-resistant poultry population. Knowing that our chickens are AI clean provides an extra layer of reassurance, where avian influenza outbreaks can be a concern. This certification not only safeguards the well-being of our chickens but also demonstrates TnF Farms responsibility as a poultry keeper in the Havana, Florida area.

Room to really stretch their wings

Our chickens enjoy daily access to multiple chicken runs inside an expansive 1-acre pen thoughtfully designed with their well-being in mind. This pen is rich with hardwoods, pine trees, pine needles, and leaves. This creates a natural playground where they can scratch for bugs, forage for food, and engage in their natural behaviors. The ample tree cover provides shade but also adds to the overall natural ambiance. The woods also adds protection from predators in the air.

We ensure a consistent supply of fresh water to keep our chickens well-hydrated. There are multiple chicken coops in the run separating chickens by breed placed throughout the pen to prevent cross breeding. The shelters also offer them respite from inclement weather conditions and protection from predators that lurk in the night.

Plump, healthy hens are producers

Prioritizing the health of our poultry, we maintain a regular schedule of veterinary care to address their needs and ensure their well-being. We are proud to adhere to strict guidelines of ethical and sustainable farming practices, which means absolutely no hormones or antibiotics are administered to our flock.

To help our chickens maintain their health, we provide them with diatomaceous earth for dust baths. This natural substance helps control parasites and promotes healthy skin and feathers, all without resorting to chemical interventions.

But our care extends beyond the physical needs of our poultry; they also enjoy regular interaction with people. Their curious nature makes them eager to engage with humans, and many of them have become accustomed to being held and petted. This has fostered a friendly and sociable relationship between our birds and our farm family.

TnF Farms chickens live in an environment that emphasizes their happiness, health, and well-being. Our approach to chicken farming reflects our commitment to sustainability, animal welfare, and the creation of a harmonious space where our feathered friends can lead contented lives.


  • Access to scratch for bugs, grubs and worms
  • Wild life including frogs, small snakes and lizards and rodents caught in traps
  • Vegetables and fruits year round, pumpkin and squash in the fall
  • Crushed egg shells and oyster shells
  • Supplemental high protein NON-GMO commercial crumble feed mixture

Details about our chicken breeds

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