Let’s Do Something!

Tim with is favorite baby goat. Little Miss FrappeWe’ve learned at the TnF Farm that homesteading means embracing a lifestyle where there’s always something to do, plan, build, repair, or rethink. It’s a rewarding but endlessly demanding journey that requires dedication, hard work, and a deep connection to the land. However, even amidst the sweet life of farming, there comes a time when you need an escape.

Homesteading is a 24/7 commitment, and the to-do list seems never-ending. From tending to livestock and maintaining crops to fixing fences and tackling unexpected challenges, the work is both physically and mentally demanding. There’s a sense of responsibility that comes with this way of life, and it’s essential to honor it.

Work hard, play hard

Yet, just like any other profession or lifestyle, it’s crucial to find moments of respite. Escaping from the daily grind of homesteading allows for rejuvenation and balance. It’s a chance to recharge both the body and the spirit. Whether it’s a short getaway to explore a nearby mountain biking trail or body of water, a weekend outing, or a leisurely evening spent vegging out, these moments of escape are invaluable.

Escapes also provide an opportunity to gain fresh perspective. Stepping away from the farm allows you to see things from a different angle, discover new ideas, and return with renewed enthusiasm and creativity. It’s a chance to reflect on your goals, evaluate your practices, and make improvements.

Moreover, these escapes help strengthen the connection to nature, which is often the driving force behind homesteading. Experiencing the great outdoors, even outside the farm, reinforces the appreciation for the natural world and reaffirms the homesteading commitment to sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Join us as we build, play and repair stuff. Sometimes its the wrong way. Mistakes are some of the best learning experiences.

The Adventure Never Ends

I went to bed knowing Friday was going to be a busy day. My lovely wife, being clairvoyant about me awakening to sunrise, asked me to let the livestock out to graze the far side of our property. Like most 40 something men, I lack the ability to sleep like I could when I was a teenager and am often up before my alarm.

TnF Cinnamon French Toast

It’s a carb cheat day at the TnF Farm this fine Saturday morning! Hope you’re having an excellent morning too.