From Corporate Work Life in the Midwest to Florida Living on a Homestead

cold day at the beachEmbarking on a new chapter in life, we started our Florida Living adventure as empty-nester transplants from the Midwest. Wanting a change from the cold and snow we found our new home in the sunny state of Florida. Our journey has been one of both excitement and challenges. Filled with memorable outings around the state and the rewarding but demanding endeavor of starting TnF Farms as new homesteading farmers.

Moving from the Midwest to Florida brought about a significant change in our lives. Leaving behind familiar landscapes and the bustling pace of city life. We were drawn to Florida’s warm climate and the promise of new adventures. Being empty-nesters meant we had more time to explore the wonders of our new state.

We’ve embarked on countless outings to discover the beauty and culture of Florida. From its pristine beaches and lush nature reserves to vibrant cities and charming small towns. These experiences have allowed us to forge a deeper connection with our adopted state and create cherished memories along the way.

TnF Farms, established 2022

However, our journey didn’t stop at exploration and leisure. We embarked on the challenging path of starting TnF Farms. Our dream of becoming homesteading farmers. This endeavor has been a labor of love. Marked by a steep learning curve as we grappled with the demands of tending to livestock, cultivating a large garden, and managing a sustainable farm.

The challenges have been many, including the hurricanes, understanding the nuances of animal care and mastering the art of sustainable farming practices. Each day has been a lesson in resilience, adaptability, and the rewards of hard work.

Join us on our journey as we navigate the joys and challenges living the homesteader life. Explore the diverse landscapes of Florida, and building up TnF Farms on a plot in the rural woods of Havana, Florida. We look forward to sharing our experiences, the knowledge we gain, and the fulfillment that comes from embracing a life of adventure and sustainable farming in the Sunshine State. Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of change and the endless possibilities that come with each new chapter in life.

Discovering the Charm of Havana Florida

Nestled in the heart of the Florida Panhandle, the small town of Havana is a hidden gem that exudes Southern charm and hospitality. While it may not be as well-known as some of Florida’s major cities, Havana possesses a unique allure that makes it special. In this article, we’ll uncover the qualities and characteristics that set Havana, Florida, apart from the rest.

Goat Safe Fruit Trees

Florida’s warm and subtropical climate provides a conducive environment for growing a variety of fruit trees. When selecting fruit trees for a goat farm in Florida, consider those that thrive in the state’s climate and offer nutritional benefits for goats. Here are some suitable fruit trees for a goat farm in Florida.